We use only high quality dry wood to heat our oven in this way we try to recall the taste of old time’s cake. Thanks to the cirulating heat aire inside of the oven the pastry will be perfect and equally red.
The meals made on the surface of our special oven have a unique, smoky taste and smell which is like the taste and smell of foods made on fire.
This oven may get the nickname „saving oven” because we can use the same heat to cook the meal, to bake and to keep warm the ready foods, in this way our guests can eat later their order.
Our events:
Our restaurant, with its nice colors and family atmosphere, is perfect for creating a smaller or bigger event. We can furnish it according to needs of our guests thanks to the mobile furnitures, on this way we can creat the feeling of a closed conference room or a smaller banquet, it is perfect for organizing a smaller wedding or a christening or just for a standing reception. Our professional colleagues are available in everything.