French Burger 2.250 HUF beef hamburger meat, mayonnaise, lettuce, cucumber, grilled Camembert, hamburger roll , fried potato Spanish Burger 2.250 HUF hamburger meat, grilled vegetables , mustard, ketchup, wilted onions, jalapenos,rolls, fried potato German Burger 2.250 HUF hamburger meat , grilled sausage, mustard, sauerkraut and bacon, rolls, fried potato Webster Hungarian Retro Burger 2.250 HUF hamburger […]

Retro, Disco, and Dance music from ours Standing Dj. Price: 9800,- Huf / Person Advence sale: 8900,- Huf / Person  ( before December ) Special offer with wine 13 900,- Huf / Person Included in the price: Option A, or B menu, Midnight dinner, and glass of Champagne Programs: 19 pm arrival 20 pm dinner and […]

Special trick  between 2015.11.11.-2015.11.15.   Goose consome with pastry and vegetable          890,- Ft Smoked goose breast  with sun-dried fruit mixed salad          1790,- Ft Goose thight with green peas pearl barley and deep-fried onion rings           1790,- Ft