19 Nov

The Premium restaurant and cafe is worthy of its name because the selected ingredients and the high skilled chef guarantee our high quality meals. On our menu you can find the light, summer international courses and wide range of hungarian foods as well. If the weather is nice you can ask us to make the […]

We use only high quality dry wood to heat our oven in this way we try to recall the taste of old time’s cake. Thanks to the cirulating heat aire inside of the oven the pastry will be perfect and equally red. The meals made on the surface of our special oven have a unique, […]

In the horrible heat nothing can be so refreshing like a homemade lemonade, which is made of excellente/high quality ingredients, handmade syrups and we serve it with still or fizzy water. The lemonades with several flavor and color are made with the fruits and flowers of summer and you can ask them with alcohol as […]