26 Aug

Our restaurant, with its nice colors and family atmosphere, is perfect for creating a smaller or bigger event. We can furnish it according to needs of our guests thanks to the mobile furnitures, on this way we can creat the feeling of a closed conference room or a smaller banquet, it is perfect for organizing […]

The 210 m2 conference room is naturally lighted, air conditioned, clear, sound-proof and well equiped with sound and light technology. There is a direct way from the room to a garden for making welcome parties and toasts. Court-rooms There are court-rooms between 31-41m2. They are supplied with foreground, built-in cloakroom, own bathroom and toilet, naturally […]

25 Aug

Seasonly or in nice weather the mediterran style terrace offers pleasurable milieu even for 65 persons. On chilly days decorative heaters guarantee the comfort of the resting or smoking guests.

The Premium Restaurant and Café is an in-style furnished and clear-out coloured place with leisurely seats. It guarantees excellent opportunities / potentials for business meetings, fast luncses or romantic dinners too. It offers great premise for smaller family or firm parties, meetings, breakfasts, banketts and also for standing receptions. Our chef compose various A and […]